A man pointing towards the bush wearing a North Storm® 30L Backpack.


Destination Offroad is a family-owned business that has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years - and just like us, craves outdoor adventures!

In addition they have always been one of our top supporters, and we are proud to have them as part of the extended North Storm® community!

Front end of Destination Offroads 4 wheel drive - Mitsubishi


Destination Offroad’s ‘main man’ is no other than David Hupp.

He is a 4×4 enthusiast, fisherman, adventurer, camper, budding photographer and explorer!

Based in Australia on the South Coast of NSW.

With his co-crew member Ryan Dunkerley who also shares the same interests in the great outdoors.

As a team they make the bedrock that is the growing community of ‘Destination Offroad!’ 

Man standing with his leg up on a rock looking out over the cliff at spectacular views. He is also wearing his North Storm® 30L Waterproof Backpack.


Dave of Destination Offroad seen here with our 30 Litre waterproof backpack. 

Capturing some scenic adventures as they explore the Australian coastline, dense forestry and fun off-road tracks.

Here is what Dave had to say about his North Storm® gear he uses. 

‘Now in my arsenal, I have the North Storm® 30 Litre Backpack and the North Storm® 60 Litre Duffle Bag.’

‘Pure perfection I say.’

‘My North Storm® 30 litre waterproof backpack is used every time I go hiking, wheeling and camping.’

‘The ability to store not just my clothes but to store my expensive camera gear is a much-needed necessity.’

‘My North Storm® 60 litre waterproof duffel bag is used for camping trips away with the family.’

‘The ability to load up this duffel bag is unbelievable!’

‘The Internal pockets make it easy to store toiletries, and other personal items away from the clothes is purely brilliant!’

Words by Dave – Destination Offroad 

North Storm® Waterproof Backpack sitting in the snow.


So far, Dave has put our North Storm® 30 litre waterproof backpack to the test in a variety of hardcore outdoor situations.

Including snow, dust, dirt, wind, rain, and blistering Aussie sunshine. 

Moreover, Dave is always ready to offer us excellent and honest feedback, which we appreciate a lot!

Here are just some of the amazing places Dave has taken our waterproof backpack so far:

  • Pigeon House Mountain – Morton National Park.
  • The Three Sisters – Blue Mountains.
  • Deep rainforest journeys.
  • Bush walks / hikes – South Coast NSW.
  • Cox’s River & Lake Lyell – Lithgow.
  • Fun off-road 4×4 tracks in Yalwal.
  • Perisher – Snowy Mountains.
  • Black Springs – Oberon and surrounding ranges.
  • Australian NSW South Coastline.
A 4 wheel drive with a North Storm® 30L Waterproof Backpack rested against a tyre.

    Dave is one of the most enthusiastic people we know. 

    We feel so honoured that he just loves our North Storm® gear! 

    Above all, make sure to check out Destination Offroad’s website. 

    Along with his personal take on our North Storm® 30 Litre Waterproof backpack. 


    Instagram – @destinationoffroad
    Facebook – @destinationoffroad
    Youtube – Destination Offroad



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