A sunset over the ocean.


It's always such a relief to finally get in the car and start our holiday. 

All the worries of work and everyday life just disappear for a little while. 

We can't help but feel a sense of elation as we pull out of the driveway and begin our journey.

It's like all our troubles are left behind us. 

Even though we may have planned and prepared for months in advance, there's always that last minute rush to get everything done before we go. 

But once we're finally on the road, all those stressors just fade away. 

We can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride knowing that we're finally on vacation. It's one of the best feelings in the world.

The first fuel stop means we are going to have a greasy burger and chips and a chocolate donut. 

Yes, it almost always involves indigestion but it’s compulsory! A ritual and we love it.

NOW we’re on holiday.

A lady standing with her hands in her pocket with beautiful coastal views behind her.


Meeting new people along the way makes holidays interesting.

It’s like only the best version of ourselves go on holidays.

Practically everyone is friendly, each with interesting stories of where they have been, who they met and it gives us the urge to see and do more. 

Some people we keep in touch with for a time, others we form long term friendships with.

And some, we never see or hear from again, but it’s all good, it’s all part of the journey.

Quick story..

Recently we received an email from a Swiss couple we met in Western Australia a couple or so years back. 

They were returning to Australia and travelling through South Australia. 

And they took us up on an invitation we had given them previously.

The previous invitation was that if they were ever to come to Adelaide, to pop in and say hello.

We had met them when they were in a spot of trouble travelling towards Denham in Western Australia. 

They were broken down in a Winnebago they had hired to get around in. 

After giving them a helping hand they had made us a terrific little lunch as a thank you.

A tent and a four wheel drive set up at the beach.


The visiting day arrived and I wanted to show them some good Aussie hospitality.

So I had prepared a scrumptious spread with Adelaide Hills cheeses, Great McLaren wine and homemade goodies. 

The plan was to then take them to visit a winery or two just around the corner from home after the feast.

Right on time 11:00am as previously arranged there was a knock. 

Eager to greet them we both rushed to open the front door. 

That’s when the time stood still, for how long we will never know.

WHO are these people?

Both dressed as if hiking great distances and both lugging a backpack and cameras.

They look Familiar? They know us? Tic Tock.. 

That’s when we realised it’s the OTHER Swiss couple we had met! Oops! 

These were the ‘Backpacker Swiss’ not ‘Winnebago Swiss!’ 

It took a little time to unscramble the brain and to remember their story. 

It was simple, we had met this couple and had spent an evening with them watching a Shark Bay Sunset,  sharing some stories and fine Margaret River Wine. 

We then exchanged emails which had brought us to this present day. 

As it were it turned out to be a great day too. 

We drank, we ate, we shared experiences and we laughed a lot.

Then it was time to say goodbye. 

Their plane was leaving the next morning back to Switzerland.


A handing about to knock on a door.


A couple of weeks later we received an email thanking us for a memorable day and our Aussie hospitality.

Knowing that we had plans this coming year to travel to Europe.

They invited us to visit them and they were more than happy to put us up for a few days.

Also said they would make plans to show us around their country side the Swiss way.

So now it’s our turn to knock on their door! Can't wait! 

Friends you meet along the way. 

Story written and submitted by Nicole Huwart of South Australia.

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