With Gold fever, we packed our trusty North Storm® Duffel bags and left Adelaide, South Australia in May of 2022.

We headed off excited to sink our teeth into some gold detecting in Western Australia.

A lady standing on top of cliff face smiling with her arms outstretched. The ocean is behind her as she starts her adventures in Western Australia Gold detecting.


With the Goldfields of Western Australia being the destination.

What gal (or guy for that matter) doesn’t like Gold!

Our first stop was Ceduna, before going off grid across the Nullarbor.

That means for the most part – no phone, no Facebook, no TikTok, no Instagram and no TV. 

How exciting!

A caravan and 4 wheel drive parked in the outback of Western Australia.


Screen life is now replaced by quiet, beautiful scenery, wildlife and calm. 

Just us, the crackle of a campfire every night and stars everywhere. 

Absolute bliss!

A raging campfire with a stockpile of wood behind it.


A few days later we arrived in Kalgoorlie, topped up on the few forgotten things and headed North into more remote areas. 

Of course the flies got there first but we are prepared with our trusty fly and bug face protectors.

A man standing with his back to the camera. His back is covered in hundreds of flys.


Today is the first day of our gold detecting expedition.

Adrenaline is high and the excitement is real! 

Our North Storm® Duffel is the first bag to be unpacked. 

As it stores all our goodies for gold detecting. 

Plus Mike just cannot wait to get out there and do just what we came here to do! 

Find the Gold! 

Hands reaching into a North Storm duffel bag retrieving the gold detector equipment that is stored in there.



We are certainly off to a good start.  

The sun is shining and so are the little nuggets that Mike is finding just 50 metres from camp.

Any excuse to celebrate so out comes the good old Port around the fire tonight!

So far we are eating less, walking more and sleeping like babies.

It’s Heaven….with flys!

A hand holding a few big gold nuggets and lots of other smaller nuggets on the bench in the background.


I caught up on some reading and painting back at camp, detecting is hubby’s thing. 

Which honestly suits me just fine.

Every day is peaceful, with no traffic, no barking dogs, warm days, crisp cold nights, whispering breezes and I almost forgot… the flys!

Apart from the flies – the outback is truly amazing.

A caravan and 4 wheel drive parked up at the campsite in the outback of Western Australia.


I am also keeping myself busy by making bread every second day in the camp oven while Mike drags in the gold!

Some small bits and tiny tidbits but they add up.

We collect rain water from the caravan annex and we have well deserved baths out in the open, it is very liberating to say the least.

Admittedly, I did have a ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ moment the other night around the campfire and still have a scar to prove it!

Sorry to say but there will be no show and tell here. 

We had a good laugh about it the next day.

A lady wearing a hat and a fly face net holding the lid of a camp oven she has just cooked bread in.


After weeks of bush walking, Km’s and Km’s of picking up no more than just small golden crumbs, we finally get our Eureka moment!

Up comes the nugget that pays for the trip and much much more! 

It’s a beauty!

All the preparation, cost and travel has made it all worthwhile.

There is always the risk factor that you won't land any gold.

So you really have to just enjoy the adventure, however this time Gold Detecting in Western Australia was everything we hoped for.

A man standing in the outback of Western Australia holding a huge Gold Nugget he just found. He is very happy.


That night around the campfire was celebrated with some big fat steaks on the grill and a prized Mclaren Vale Shiraz, it’s no ‘Chateau Margaux’ but just perfect for us.

After a few weeks off grid we are satisfied with Mike’s findings.

So we decide it’s time to make our way home back to South Australia.

We can readily say we are well relaxed and with plenty of stories to tell the family when we get back home. 

P.S: We are already excited for our next gold detecting trip in Western Australia!

Thanks for reading. 

A man sitting under an annex of a caravan looking out at the campfire in the outback of Western Australia.

Words by: Nicole - South Australia

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