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There is often a debate within as to what was the most interesting or rewarding part of our holiday, was it the Journey or the Destination.

Often it’s not those well researched and recommended places of beauty that are rewarding and memorable.

But it’s actually the random things that we see or do just getting there. 

It could be getting lost but finding ourselves. 

Sometimes we just accidentally stumble on exceptional beauty or inspiring people.

Sometimes we scratch our heads as to what to do next and amaze ourselves as to how we managed to improvise just when we needed to.

Two, four wheel drives parked on a beach.


Australia’s great outdoors always gives us the opportunity to discover nature, beauty, kindness, wilderness and almost always ourselves. 

All we need to do is pack our bags and get out there and do it, slowly.

We always need a camera for those awesome destination photos for insta. 

But the journey will have memories imprinted into our brain forever!

With the stories shared amongst friends and family for years to come long after the photos have faded or been filed away.

Here is one of our old journey memories in brief. 

A girl sitting at a camp table looking back at the tent.


Which springs to mind the day we decided to take the shortcut to Esperance from Balladonia. 

This was the place where the NASA Skylab fell to earth in 1979 leaving their rubbish spread all around and were fined $400.00 by the Australian Government.

So it seemed like a good idea at the time. 

We would just chuck a lefty off the Eyre Highway in Balladonia WA and head south to the coast.  

But it was the fork in the road halfway there that made things interesting. 

To the left or to the right and to the left it was down Gora Track. 

When the sign says 4WD only ‘If Unprepared Turn Back!’

Perhaps we should have given that sign a little more thought. 

What was to come next was a combination of bad corrugation, potholes, sandy patches and creeks. 

Only goes for 112 kms, a couple hours, what could possibly go wrong?

Sooo - 7.5 hours later! We covered 112 kms. 

We had lots of time to see things as we were passing through and it also gave us time to play ‘I spy with my little eye’.

The rest of the time the passengers passed the time away with a flagon of Port passed around and around. 

The Port was meant to last a week but it was soon just a headache. 

Oh but what fun we had, it was that journey and that togetherness!

Eventually arriving at Israelite Bay for a memorable, remote and peaceful night on the beach.

Then a couple of days rest before continuing onwards to Cape Arid and Esperance.

Story written and submitted by Nicole Huwart of South Australia.

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