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Travelling around Australia is a dream for many, but the cost these days can be daunting.

What if we could show you how to make money online, on auto-pilot while you're travelling and exploring the Australia aka the Land Down Under? 

Learn Affiliate Marketing while you travel

We have been researching many different programs for a while now and we have now found one definitely worth sharing!

So we would like to introduce you to our favourite 'learn how' to become an affiliate marketer course to get you there!

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But what the heck is Affiliate Marketing you say?

In a nutshell it's just a referral based strategy where individuals, known as affiliates, promote products or services of other companies and earn a commission for every sale generated through their market!ing efforts.

It's basically you referring someone to go and buy something you like, they buy it then you get paid for them buying the product. Pretty cool! 

We can show you how to do that! 

It's a brilliant way to generate income while enjoying the freedom of travel.

You just need a laptop and internet every now and then, and be keen to learn.

How Affiliate Marketing Can Fund Your Travels:

Monetise Your Travel Blog or Vlog

If you are already a traveler you can simply leverage your travel experiences by creating a blog, vlog, or social media presence. Affiliate marketing allows you to monetise your content by simply sharing a link of relevant products or services that you recommend. 

Location Independence

Affiliate marketing can be managed from anywhere with an internet connection. Traveler's can work from beautiful destinations, coffee shops, or even while on the road, providing the ultimate freedom to explore while getting paid.

Niche Expertise

As a traveller we often develop expertise in specific travel-related niches. Affiliate marketing allows you to capitalise on this knowledge by promoting products or services relevant to this niche.

Flexible Schedule

Travelling can often have erratic schedules and activities. Affiliate marketing offers flexibility, allowing you to work when it suits you best.

Passive Income Potential

By simply building well-established affiliate marketing channels (you can just use your instagram/ facebook page to kick off), you can seriously earn money even when you're not actively working via automations. (which you will learn about in this course - it is seriously the best thing we have ever done!) This passive income stream can support your travels without constant effort.

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Global Audience

As a traveller you can often encounter diverse cultures and experiences. This firsthand knowledge can be valuable when creating content for affiliate marketing, and attracting a broad global audience.

Earn Commissions 

As someone who loves to travel, there are ways you can earn commissions by promoting travel-related services like accommodation, flights, tours, or travel insurance. This is particularly lucrative when you inspire others to book similar experiences.


Networking Opportunities

Depending on what kind of adventurer you are, most of us have the chance to meet people from all walks of life during our journeys. These connections can lead to valuable partnerships and affiliate opportunities in various industries.

The Best Things We Love About This Course

My absolute number one favourite thing about this course is that you learn step by step how to build everything from the ground up and at your own pace.

It will teach you how to take advantage of the best bits of the internet, and to walk you through each step. Like I said at your own pace, you can even listen to the training in your car, on your phone or laying in bed. It's brilliant! 

You get sooo much value out of this training we can guarantee you will be impressed.

You can do this course if you are at any technology skill level. If you are on a device right now reading this - you already have the skills you need to start.

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We wish you many safe and epic adventures.

Lisa and Marc
North Storm® Founders 

Lisa and Marc smiling because they have discovered the benefits of affiliate marketing and money mindset.


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