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North Storm®

Ladies North Storm® Starry Night Black Tee

Ladies North Storm® Starry Night Black Tee

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Ladies North Storm® Starry Night Black Tee

Need a new favourite black shirt that can keep up with your outdoor adventures?

We have just the shirt that is perfect for any outdoorsy lifestyle.

Plus, the North Storm® logo makes a bold statement that you're not afraid of a little mud and dirt at camp.

*All our clothing are independently printed and shipped so depending on the colour you choose orders may take a few weeks to arrive.

Your adventure, your way...

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Man holding a North Storm waterproof duffel bag standing in the outback of Western Australia.

Keep your gear dust protected too

When it comes to embarking on a gold detecting expedition, there's nothing more exciting than the promise of unearthing precious nuggets amidst the rugged landscapes of Western Australia.

However, such journeys demand rugged gear that can withstand the harshest elements.

Our recent adventure to Western Australia's goldfields wouldn't have been as successful without the reliable companion that stood guard at the back of our ute throughout the entire trip – our North Storm 60L Waterproof Roll Top Duffel Bag.